What is in the name?

“Dharma of the sun is to shine… Dharma of the river is to flow… Dharma of human beings is to uphold that which is true to our higher nature, our life purpose.”

How did Dharma Connection come about?  Well, I had been spending some time tossing a few names for registering a business name about following the completion of the Horstmann Technique foundations level in 2006, my initial learnings along the path of complementary therapy.  The name had to hold the essence of what I wanted to establish, offer and facilitate with my clients.

I had been mulling over “Dharma” for quite some time (weeks in fact) but had not discussed this with anyone… Then my daughter (a sensitive soul who often verbalizes my thoughts) came home from Preschool with “darma” written on a scrap piece of paper.  I took that as a sign from the universe and it was decided…  I still have the paper.

“Connection” is because, out of all of the meanings for dharma I found, “bringing ourselves to where we are meant to be” rang true and that was the intent for my business, to assist clients to get back to their true selves, their essence and authenticity.

Then it was time to decide on a logo.  I wanted to show that all of our levels are needed to be in balance for our lives to be balanced.  That is the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental… all of them.  I was contemplating a pin wheel, how it all rotates around the core, the centre. A friend discovered the “wheel of life”, a traditional symbol for medicine, earth and balance ~ a circle with a cross within it, demonstrating to be healthy you must be in balance in all four directions, essentially living in the centre of the circle. Perfect! And some charka colours were used  to complete the design.

wellness wheel

And there you have it.  The process of how Dharma Connection came into being.  I maintain this focus throughout… my service is to assist clients to reconnect with their true selves, stripping back all of the layers of baggage that are accumulated in life, and get back to the essence of who-they–really-are.

love in all areas of your life for holistic health

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