dc cropThe intention of Dharma Connection is…



by providing information and guidance to assist towards holistic health in all areas of your life… physically (body); mentally (mind); emotionally (feelings); spiritually (soul)…

There is no need to settle for less than optimal health – choose it.

You deserve it.

Make it happen!


  • To ENJOY ABUNDANCE in all areas ~

Do you know it’s our divine right to enjoy abundance?

It’s our conditioning that makes us question if we deserve it – we are not worthy, good enough, smart enough… and we can unconsciously (or even consciously) sabotage ourselves and, along with inherited limiting beliefs systems, create a life of struggle…

Abundance is not just financial – it’s also “a plentiful supply” of physical needs (e.g. food), love, health, and wisdom… all those wonderful things that we all want in abundance in our life experience…

So let’s challenge the belief system that ‘money is evil’ – money gives the opportunity of choice… it’s what we choose to do with money that can create positive changes in many lives, or not.

Check in and make sure you are not preventing the universe from providing you a life of abundance with your internal dialogue – your thoughts & words create your reality.

Live with gratitude for all that you have – and life will provide more of what you want.

abundance mindset


Authentic: true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character

Are you working to live or living to work? Do you wake up every morning with inspiration or dread? Excited to see what you can contribute to others or prefer to roll over and hit snooze a few more times?

Do you know we are more likely to have 3-4 careers (jobs) is our lives compared to our parents/grandparents who generally stuck at the same career… even the same employer… their whole working life?

“I thought this was the career I’d dreamed of, but it just doesn’t fell like ‘me’ anymore.”  To love what you do makes all those hours you spend doing it so much more enjoyable and fulfilling – and to get paid for it is a great bonus!

This age we are in now is the Age of Enlightenment ~ to be our truth… growth & centering as spiritual beings… insight and inner knowing about what feels right or wrong FOR OURSELVES – not necessarily for those around us. We have to trust our intuition.

Are you fulfilled in your relationships? Is it mutually loving – giving & receiving – is it respectful of your uniqueness?

Are you being true to yourself – how does your heart feel? What are your dreams? How would you like your life to be… what would you L.O.V.E. to be doing with your time? What fills you up… gives you a rush of excitement…? Do you live the ‘real’ you or is there a mask covering up?

Find out what your heart’s desires are – do some journalling, reflection, day dreaming… meditate and pray… the answers will come ~ we just need to allow space for the whispers of our soul to be heard… and follow it with conviction, this is your reason for being here!

Then set some goals, little steps so you can work towards having more of what you want in your life. It doesn’t have to be a ‘whole of life’ change in one big bang… many of us may not be strong enough to take those gigantic leaps of faith… so just little ones… and keep watching for signs from the universe that you are on the right path… Trust the universe has your back.

This life experience is about enjoyment – not suffering. 

DO what fills you up.

BE surrounded by those who support and nurture you – build you up, not pull you down.



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