BUNDY’S RECOVERY… Flooding Emotions (Part 2)

bundy floods 2013As we somehow return to our lives (for those whose worlds were not devastated by the floods), we may look around and wonder why everything seems ‘normal’ but feels so very different or strange…

For those whose lives have been marked by the river’s record shattering flow may still be in a state of crisis management and perhaps despair…

It may take some time to feel like lives are returning to normality…

The Earth seems to have been tilted on its axis…

Shock is still thick in Bundy and we need to be really gentle and nurturing to ourselves and each other.  Our community will get back on its feet and for those who are still on their knees, please remember we are in this together and will help you to stand tall again.

Our physical bodies are not only tired because of the seemingly never-ending clean up efforts but there’s a hormonal impact as well. Our adrenals are powerful little endocrine glands responsible for manufacturing and secreting hormones such as cortisol (stress hormone). The main purpose is to enable our bodies to deal with stress from every possible source, ranging from injury and disease to work and relationship problems. It is through the actions of the adrenals that signals the body to attack, retreat or surrender in the ‘fight or flight response’. They have important effects on the way we think and feel.

Our adrenals have copped a hammering and to help support their function, we can take some simple steps…

1. regular sleep (aim 8 hrs)
2. avoid stimulants (caffeine, alcohol)
3. practice stress management (deep breaths, sit still, yoga)
4. eat healthful foods (low sugar, wholesome)
5. consider adding magnesium & Vit B supplement
6. very beneficial to add daily use of Young Living essential oils (eg Endoflex, Peace &
Calming, lavender)

We can reflect everyday on the good we have witnessed… be it simply a sunset, a hug, or enjoying a cold drink… or perhaps the kids having an awesome day at school or an estranged family reconnecting… humanity is shining bright here in Bundy.

“What does not destroy us makes us stronger.”

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