Flooding Emotions… pt 1

Now that the acute crisis of the all time record breaking flood ~ preempted by some ‘bizarre-freak-weather-events-for-this-part-of-the-globe’ tornadoes ~ has ended here in Bundy, and the clean up kicks in & continues, our bodies will be trying to process all of the emotions & hormones, our minds trying to make sense of what our eyes are telling it, and our hearts heavy…

Our adrenaline levels (the fight, flight or freeze hormone) are subsiding and with it goes a lot of energy – you may be feeling very tired and lethargic.

This is not only because for the last week, we have not slept properly but also we have been forced to live in the moment… with no option but to take one moment at a time as we witness the crisis unfold and take steps forward or make the adjustments necessary for our safety and survival…

We haven’t eaten normally so this is also impacting on our energy (when the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated our digestion is not considered an essential for survival bodily function. So as it doesn’t use up energy stores which may be needed in a second to fight off this ‘beast’, we lose our appetite) … and on top of this, you may be helping with the task of cleaning up so also have physically tired and sore bodies…

And our minds were also activated with the primal preservation systems – you may of found, like myself, what seemed like logical thoughts and rational responses to help manage this imminent danger took FOREVER for the brain to actually think of!

“What the??!!”

‘Why didn’t I think of that before?’…

It’s how we were created and we have no control over these primal systems at these acute times…

And along with all of this is our emotional selves – we need to be very gentle with ourselves and others… stress (our cortisol levels will be through the roof!) affects us all in varying ways and we are all managing as best we can.

We may find we are less tolerant of others… we may find we are snappy and grumpy… we may find we want to hide in a cave for a while…

Please just know that all of this is a normal response to what we have experienced as individuals and as a wider community… the collective consciousness was one of fear & uncertainty and will have shifted to perhaps despair and grief…

And even splashes of relief & heart-warming gratitude when help arrives (there were cheers in the streets when the Army pulled into town – they don’t get that response everywhere they go) as we feel the weight lift a little when others pitch in to help… We are all influenced by these subtle energies…

Even those whose property were not touched by the flood waters or the tornado’s crazy winds, you will be experiencing all of these effects also… and perhaps another thrown in – survivor guilt…

‘Why do all of these other people lose everything and my life is pretty much normal?’

So, this long winded post is to explain all of these physiological responses we have all just experienced living through the last week in Bundy.

And to let you know this is all very ‘normal’ – it’s ok to be in this space physically & emotionally.

Remember – you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time… we will get there… just narrow the focus and take the small steps together…

PLEASE remember to self care – if you need to press pause, do so. You always have to put on your own oxygen before helping others (to quote a dear friend and wonderful flight attendants…).

If you feel like crying – rather than blinking them away or fighting the emotion – go with it… let the tears flow… this is all incredibly sad and crying is how we express our sadness and is a step towards healing…

If you need anyone to talk to, or I can help in any way, please let me know.

Sending light and love x

floods; tornadoes; recovery; bundy; dharma connection; holistic health

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